Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Little Freed!

Chicken Little, aka Kevin Covais, has flown the coop, thanks to America's votes. Finally, the butt of all jokes is free of American Idol and all the jokes at his expense. Thank goodness, because the longer that kid stayed on the show, the worse the jokes were going to get and the worse the vitriol he was going to get for outlasting better singers. The John Stevens death threats from season 3 would have paled in comparison, I think.

So since I just got back in town at 2 in the morning yesterday, I'm going to comment late on Tuesday's Top 11 performance show, which I found to be one of the best ever on Idol. There seems to be something about the Top 11 show that brings out terrific performances. Season 2's Top 11 show produced Ruben Studdard's "A Whole New World", Clay Aiken's "Somewhere Out There" and Trenyce's "I Have Nothing". Season 3's show was not really that good, but with country as a theme, that's not surprising. It did give us Amy Adams' "Sin Wagon", however. Season 4's show was phenomenal, with Carrie's "Alone", Bo Bice's "Time in a Bottle", Nikko Smith's "Incomplete", Jessica Sierra's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and Vonzell Solomon's "Best of My Love", among others. For Season 5's Top 11 show, just about everyone was really good, particularly Mandisa, who was channeling Angela Bassett in looks and with whom I think Ryan Seacrest wants to be BFF, and Paris Bennett, who continues to perform like a seasoned veteran. Even Chicken Little, who is just so out of his league, was good. I'm glad the kid got to leave on a good note, and he went out with class as well.


Lisa said...

How on EARTH do you remember the top performances of every season?? lol I am not sad to see Kevin go-there was this HUGE full page article in the newspaper about him potentially being KING OF THE COOP-some people were even saying he would be the Idol-now this scares me..he wasn't THAT great of a singer, nothing to care about-yet some thought he was a definite winner..I don't get it!!

Lisa said...

I must say that I am not sad to see Kevin go-reading in an article he said that producers would ask if they could make fun of him and he was like YEAH SURE! Typical producers. I read on the Wednesday night before his elimination that some people were even thinking HE could be the American Idol-when asked why, "Because he is cute" WHERE have these people been for the past 4 seasons???