Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Can "Every Woman" Win American Idol?

Last night on American Idol, Mandisa tore up the stage with her rendition of "I'm Every Woman". She was vocally flawless and lively onstage and put so many of the other contestants to shame. Katharine McPhee dispelled a few rumors (No, she's not pulling out of the competition, and no, she's not pregnant) before performing a fun rendition of "Think". She is another contestant who has the pipes and the personality to go far in the competition.

Everyone else just proved to be average to mediocre. Kellie Pickler continued to bug by adding airhead idiot ("What's a mink?") to her schtick. The AI stylists did their annual "let's straighten the black girls' hair" thing to Lisa Tucker, who sucked the heart out of "Here's Where I Stand". Paris Bennett made the most bizarre song choice of the night, singing Conga on a night when Gloria Estefan was not the theme. Ayla Brown stepped out of her comfort zone and took a big risk by singing a current hit, "Unwritten". I thought she did pretty well with it, but it wasn't as impressive as her past performances. I think she'll end up in the bottom 3 on Thursday, along with Melissa McGhee, who sang "What About Love" in a higher key than she should have, and Kinnik Sky, who couldn't find the key on "If I Aint' Got You". Kinnik is a lock (heh) to go, and Melissa will probably join her unless she gets major sympathy votes from viewers who did not appreciate Simon's comments.

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Lisa said...

I thought the show last night was pretty lax...and you are SO right about the flat iron attack on the dark girls hair. Although I DO think Lisa looks better with longer and flatter locks. I thought Pickler was an attrocity-she sang the right song but TOTALLY played idiot..she is COMPLETELY doing it on purpose now-especially the clip with her dog? Come on...Ayla was the most horrific performer last night. Who on earth did her hair, dressed her and allowed her to sing that song? It was terrible-gawdawful but she is such a nice girl...what happened??

Mandisa is the star no matter what-she has game for sure...Katherine for me was just ok-her look was boring and the song was ok...I dunno. They may be the top 2 to take on the guys at the finale.

I am just hoping that one of the guys can TOTALLY rock it out tonight and show the ladies what it is all about!!