Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ace Worth 1, Not 11 This Week

It could be argued that Ace Young hit the bottom 3 on AI tonight because he went first. In three of the last four seasons, the first person on the Top 12 show hit the bottom 3 that night, with only LaToya London in season 4 escaping the seal. Personally, I think Ace was bottom 3 because his performance was worth more of a 1 than an 11. He was out of tune, he danced like an O-Town reject, and has had three straight weeks now of horrible to meh performances. Now if only America can use the judgment they used on Ace to get that dimwit Kellie Calamari out of the competition, all will be good in the world.

Lisa in the bottom 3 does not surprise me so much because she hasn't shown the voting audience who she is. I know nothing about her except that she can play a little bit of Jimi Hendrix and that she's been a stage brat for years. And her mom's gorgeous. That's about it. If that's all you let people know about you, there's no connectivity with the audience, and that will get you nowhere. I know nothing about Melissa either, although her most compelling story is that, like Kellie Calamari, her folks have been in and out of jail for years. Funny how that story hasn't been shoved in our faces, huh?

I was disappointed that we were denied a Stevie Wonder group medley with pointy poses but was thrilled to hear one of my favorite songs in the world, "All I Want", sung wonderfully by Chris on the pimpmercial. And then Bucky and Chicken Little piped in and just ruined the moment.

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Lisa said...

You know, you are SO right about the commercial-it was the DUMBEST commercial...EVER! Oy!! These poor singers-the things they gotta do for Ford!!

I do agree that people should start putting Kellie Calamari (I love the way you say this, I may have to steal this one too), in the same judgement as they did with the bottom 3. She could very well make it up to the final 5 based on her twitness-and would THAT be fair??

As for Ace, I find him to be lacklustre and boring-the only thing exciting about him was when he walked on stage with that nice velvet suit jacket-but alas, he left that backstage along with the rest of his talent. I think he CAN be good, but he needs to lose those fruits off his looms!!

Do we know what the theme is for next week??